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Ready to take the plunge into alternative education? Here are the steps to enroll.

  1. Fill out the Interest Form
    This is an important information collecting step that gets you a spot in line. There is no fee or commitment, but you cannot proceed with enrollment without first filling out this form. 

  2. In Person Meeting at the School
    This is an informal visit where you are able to check out the learning space and ask any questions you may have. Events will be scheduled during the enrollment season or you can set up a private meeting. Be sure your bring your child!

  3. Application and Registration Fee
    Fees cover the cost of on-boarding and pre-assessment. 

  4. Placement Testing
    This will take place over the summer and is required for correct curriculum placement.

  5. Receive Handbook and Sign Contract 
    The handbook outlines all the policies, practices, and expectations. Upon reviewing, you will sign a contract indicating your agreement.

  6. Pay first month's tuition or submit EFA Documentation
    First month's tuition is due by July 30. If using EFA funds, this payment will be handled through the state portal. 


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